You + Universal Design for Learning = YOUDLE

Introducing YOUDLE with Bridges: easy-tech tools and subject-specific kits based on Universal Design for Learning,  intended to support the varied learning styles within a classroom.

There is no standard learning ability in the classroom.

Drawing from the need for universal accessibility in the classroom, YOUDLE Tools are carefully selected, easy-tech tools and easy-to-follow instructional techniques that will help teachers realize Universal Design for Learning in the classroom.

YOUDLE Boxes are classroom-ready collections of YOUDLE Tools for Math, Literacy and Science. Informed by UDL best practice, the YOUDLE Box has simple tools and accompanying techniques that are easy to implement. With YOUDLE Tools, no student will be left behind.

YOUDLE has debuted its website and product line of individual tools and YOUDLE Box collections, available from The site is also accessible from the Bridges website (under Products). For more information, please contact a Bridges representative.

About Bridges: In 15 years, Bridges has grown to be Canada’s largest distributor and trainer of assistive and educational technology. We’re a team of professionals – educators, speech language pathologists, occupational therapists and technologists – passionate about the potential of technology to assist and enhance education, communication and daily life. With offices in Ontario, Manitoba, Alberta and British Columbia, we service and train governments, school districts, clinics and individuals across the country to implement assistive and educational technology, effectively


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