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September 22, 2009 at 12:35 am

Here at YOUDLE (and Bridges), we are busy with fall promotions, conference planning, and further exploration into the wonderful world of Universal Design for Learning and Web 2.0! Fall mailings were just sent out — get excited for Thirty Products in Thirty Days, the Best of the Web 2.0, and Recommended Reads! If you would like to receive 20% off of your next YOUDLE order, please email info@bridges-canada.com. As always, feel free to browse the webstore. Happy Fall, everyone!


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Featured Product of the Week: Let’s Tackle Math! The Best of the Web – 2.0, that is!

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  • Stop by our housewarming tomorrow to try out new products, win prizes, and ask lots of questions! https://youdlebridges.wordpress.com/ 8 years ago
  • Our housewarming party is just over a week away. Stop in at Bridges to try high-tech and easy-tech products, and win some prizes! 8 years ago
  • Come visit us at the CEC Conference, this weekend, November 6-7, at the Oakville Holiday Inn select. Buy and try YOUDLE products! 8 years ago
  • We will be hosting a housewarming party at Bridges on November 11. YOUDLE products 15% off if purchased on site. youdlebridges.wordpress.com 8 years ago
  • We'll be here as well! Nov 6 – 7 / Ontario CEC Conference, Oakville - Holiday Inn Select. Buy and try YOUDLE and Bridges products onsite! 8 years ago

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